Pull-ups versus Rows for Back Development

Having a wide back and a slim waist is one of the main signs of physical attraction for men also known as the "v taper" , and for women they can give that illusion of an "hourglass" shape. In this post, i will discuss rows and pull ups/pull downs since they are a must in … Continue reading Pull-ups versus Rows for Back Development

The best way to grow your arms

So you want to have big guns, i know you probably tried the most popular arm workouts but you don't really have the arms you want. So in this post we will discuss how you can build big guns (biceps and triceps) and how to complement that with good forearm muscles and why is that … Continue reading The best way to grow your arms

All about Protein Supplements

Protein powder.... The revolutionary invention that get's everyone jacked. Well.. not really. If you want to know what protein powder is, why you should take it if it is ideal, and necessary then you want to read this article. What is protein? Protein is one of the 3 macronutrients, with the others being carbohydrates and … Continue reading All about Protein Supplements