About Us

Hey! Alan here, so you came up to my blog, well thank you for being here with us. I created Iron Lovers with one purpose, spread well researched health and fitness information and create a community that loves the gym and the lifestyle that comes with it.

Since i was 14 years old, i entered the weight room and inmediately felt an amazing vibe in the gym, since then, i have been going to the gym and researching fitness topics. I now know what works and what doesn’t. My mission with this blog is to create quality information that will helo people all around the world. Here we are a community that loves the gym, the lifestyle and everything that comes with it.

I have always wanted to share quality information and provide quality content. I think that knowledge is meant to be shared and that you are here for a reason! I really hope you stick around and see all the content and information that we provide in this blog.

Here at Iron Lovers you are already a part of our family.

Stick around for all the upcoming content and welcome.






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