How to stick to your gym goals

“Next week i’ll start my diet” then proceeds to stuff his face with a 3k calorie meal.

How many times have we witnessed the failure of our fitness goals or someone else’s? In this post we will talk about how do you stick to your fitness goals so you reduce the possibilities on just quitting.

These steps will give you a great boost for you to stick to your fitness goals. But ultimately, it comes to YOU and only YOU to really stick to your goals, with that being said lets see some really helpful tips. 

  1.  Have a Plan

I cannot stress this enough. People fail to stick to their new Year gym goals because they do not have a plan in their arsenal. They are going through the motions at the gym and expect for changes to occur and when they see none they become demotivated.

What i recommend to you is to find a suitable plan for you, and stick to it for at least 1 year before you change programs. Learn the basics, the basics of nutrition, weightlifting and rest. Get passionate about the subject, even invest in a good program that is proven to get you results.

2. Understand that change takes time

Changes really occur everyday, the thing is we are only able to see significant changes, when it comes to body composition you start to notice changes in about 4-6 weeks and people start to notice in about 12-10 weeks, we gotta understand that this is in case you are doing everything right and you are gaining muscle and or losing fat according to your goals. But changes will take time, if you are thinking you will see results in 2-4 weeks then you are just setting yourself up to failure. 


3. Invest in yourself

A lot of people hesitate to make a change because of their appearance, or because they are ashamed of how they look. This is normal but you shouldn’t feel uncomfortable with how you look, everyone starts somewhere. So get into the mindset that you are there to make a change. 

What do i recommend for you in that case? Invest in some good workout clothes, some nice sport shoes, leggings, shorts, earphones. Whatever will help you to feel more comfortable in the gym, you don’t have to spend much or any at all, but it is a recommendation. 

4. Get some motivation:

People often struggle to find motivation to start working out or even to start something new. You will need to work on your mindset, in this case i recommend that you recognize why you want to make a change, it doesn’t matter why, what matters is that is important to you, so you can follow people in social media that you look up to, watch transformation videos, listen to motivational speeches and write a list of why are you doing a change in your life and what will be the main benefits, to build up that momentum, read that list every night and see yourself succeeding at your goals. 

5. Get into a challenge and have witnesses for your goals. 

One easy way to adhere to your goals is to make them public, this has been shown to make you accountable for your goals. Get into a challenge, there are a bunch of online fitness challenges, post about it, talk about it but the most important thing, get it done. 


All of these tips are not a 100% guarantee that you will finally stick to a plan, but they definitely help and you can benefit from them. What else do you do in order to achieve your goals? Let me know in the comments!

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