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How to lose weight for good

Losing weight shoudn't be too complicated, once you know the fundamentals and what makes you lose weight. You will find it easy to stick to a diet and achieve your goals! Why is that some people over complicate losing weight? What works and what doesn't? Those are questions that we will answer in this post!


Losing weight shouldn’t be too complicated, once you know the fundamentals and what makes you lose weight. You will find it easy to stick to a diet and achieve your goals! Why is that some people over complicate losing weight? What works and what doesn’t? Those are questions that we will answer in this post!

Losing weight fundamentals

granola bar

We’ve all been there do not worry, thanks to the modern diet trends, products that promise unreal results, misleading supplements, misleading good genetics trainers and others we are left with some kind of true information and some not so true. As an individual that has lost weight and maintained it and see this works for everyone i am telling you it is simpler than you think but it is by no means easy.

  • People may say you need to cut out carbs, this is not true
  • People will say you eat too much fat, also not true

The reality is, if you are gaining weight, you are eating too much. That’s the real cause of weight gain, you can eat carbs and fats to stay in shape and it is actually the right thing to do. But fitness myths are just crazy. Here is the science behind it.

If you eat more calories than you burn in the day you will gain weight.

If you eat less calories than you burn in the day you will lose weight.

YES! Forget all the bro-nonsense that wants you to believe that carbs, sugar, insulin, artificial sweeteners, mixing carbs and fat, eating at night, eating after 6 pm. All of this is complete NONSENSE.  The key to body composition is energy balance and it is scientifically proven.

But but but…. x person cut carbs and i lost 5 lbs in a week. Well yeah, its called losing water and glycogen weight and all of this weight isn’t fat, even if you are in the caloric deficit, not eating carbs is not sustainable and not healthy at all which will cause you to regain your weight in no time!

The reason why restricting foods work is because you eat a lot less calories that you would eat. You typically also eat a lot cleaner with this approach. And that is the main reason for their weight loss. That’s why you see people eating fast food and losing weight in social media. Because they stay in a caloric deficit. This is also known as flexible dieting.


Are you what you eat?


Yes and No , let me explain this. I’m sure you’ve heard it, eat crap and you will feel like crap, you are what you eat and other phrases. The reality is that your diet can suck and you can still have a good body, this is due to the science of energy balance. Let me give you an example;

John maintains 11% body fat with 2400 calories per day, he decides he’s eating mainly fast food but maintaining his 2400 calories. His physique will look the same due to his calorie needs, assuming he has a right ratio of macronutrients and he does a type of resistance training.

With that being said, he will likely have micro nutrient deficiencies which can impact his performance in the gym and a lot of aspects of his health. 

What i’m trying to state here is that you should have a well balanced diet, rich in fruits, vegetables, legumes and healthy fats. But you can occasionally eat fast food,pizza or ice cream and still be in great shape (yey!). So you shouldn’t eat clean 24/7 which hopefully is a relief.


Macronutrients: also important for body composition.

“This fits my macros brah”. Macro nutrients are an essential part of dieting. If we want to make a diet work we need to understand the concept of macro nutrients. There are 3 macronutrients. Proteins, Carbohydrates, and Fats or Lipids.  Carbohydrates and fats have a bad reputation due to mainstream media advice, claiming that this is the cause of your weight gain.

Let me say that no macronutrient is responsible for gaining weight, but as we stated earlier, overeating the amount of calories you burn per day is the real responsible.With that being said you shouldn’t be obsessed with macros if you are eating right, with that i mean eating protein, carbs and some fats with your meals.

Here are the calories per gram of Macronutrient;

  • Proteins: 4 cal/ gram
  • Carbohydrates: 4 cal/gram
  • Fats/Lipids: 9 cal/gram

1 gram of fat has a little bit over the double of calories than protein or carbohydrates., but:

Fats are essential for our body’s hormonal function and other vital functions.

Protein is important because they’re the building blocks of muscle tissue.

Carbohydrates are important because they’re the main fuel of your body.

steak food


So what are the optimal macronutrients to lose weight?

Well it is different to lose weight and to lose fat. If you want to lose weight you will simply need to cut your overall calories, however if you want to optimally meal plan   you need to aim for a certain macronutrient distribution.

Since protein recommendations are about 1 gram per pound of bw this how it would look if you choose to manage your nutrition in grams;

  • 1 gram of protein per Lb of BW.
  • 20-30% of Fats
  • Fill in the rest of calories with carbs.

Here is an example for a 180 lb male:

  1. Lets find the maintenance calories and subtract a 20% calorie deficit that should allow this person to lose about 1 -2 lbs per week ( which is optimal).
  2. 180*16=2880 – 20% = 2304 calories per day to lose weight.
  3. 180 grams of protein (1 gram per pound)
  4. 76.8 grams of fat (30% of total daily caloric intake)
  5. 222.2 grams of carbs ( the rest of the calories available)


These are the calories and macro nutrients that would be ideal to lose fat. In the case of only wanting to lose weight, he can stick to the 2304 daily calories.

That’s how you really lose weight, you can incorporate different strategies like intermittent fasting to make this more enjoyable. Make sure the 80% of your food comes from healthy food at least the majority of the time.

If your weight loss is stuck, decrease another 10% of that caloric deficit, make sure you weight yourself in the same situations everyday to make sure it is as accurate as possible. I like as soon as i wake up and use the restroom.

These are the fundamentals of losing weight!

Do you have questions? Let me know in the comments.












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